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The first Sally’s Paddock Wine was from the 1979 vintage. Made each year by master wine maker Neill Robb at Redbank Winery. Sally’s Paddock is the product of a single vineyard located in the premium cool climate district of the Pyrenees range in Central Western Victoria, Australia. A Blend of Bordeaux varieties and Shiraz, Neill Robb has creates his own vision – a wine of complexity and balance, with mature flavours. A wine to enjoy now but with the capacity to age and improve in the cellar. A wine to rank against the great wines of the world –  truly and Australian Grand Marque.


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2013 Sally’s Paddock

2012 Sally’s Paddock

This powerful wine has an intense dark ruby colour with a bright purple tinge. Fragrant aromatics of spicy mulberries and dark plums mingled with floral notes of roses, sweet oak, brambles, leather, cigar box and a faint hint of truffles. Full bodied on the palate with a smooth, long, even texture that is both savoury and mouth filling, with reserved rich fruits of black cherries and dark plum. Typical notes of violets and white pepper, savoury spices of star anise and cassis with hints of brambly berries. Intense texture and is persistent in length with a slight dried herbal lift to finish. As always, a seamless blend of the varietals that, married together, result in dense, earthy characters balanced with fine grained yet powerful tannins and firm acidity. Overall, a wonderfully complex, rich and opulent wine made in the classically restrained Sally’s Paddock style.

2011 Sally’s Paddock

2010 Sally’s Paddock

The 2010 Sally’s Paddock is reminiscent of the 1991, which Neill has described as one of his best and favourite vintages. It has a lovely delicate floral, specifically orange blossom, bouquet with hints of vanilla bean and cinnamon. After a while, these restrained aromas open up and give way to earthy and cigar box characters that leave a distinctly European impression. The palate has an elegant sophistication and a subtle complexity of flavours. Typical spice, black cherries and wild berry fruits are coupled with supple savoury tannins, which reveal a very well balanced, intense wine with lovely oak integration and a delicious lingering finish. A restrained style at present and lovely to drink now but will open and develop in to a typical full flavoured Sally’s Paddock style with ten to fifteen years in the cellar.

2009 Sally’s Paddock

This powerful wine has a clear Ruby Violet colour with a tinge of purple. Distinctive legs as usual. The fresh berry aromas have a definite cigar box background with some Rose and Violet floral notes. Some lifted spice and cherry aromas are evident as well. Definite, balanced and fine palate, fresh and tasting of berries but overall wine flavoured. Subtle and complex new wood flavours are well integrated. Some dark cherry flavours on the front palate. The middle palate is “wine” all the way with lingering complex savoury flavours but more fresh fruit characters than the previous vintages. Fine grained natural tannins. Very long soft clean finish with hints of spices and a lovely aftertaste. This wine is deceptively soft, as usual with Sally’s Paddocks at this stage, and will mature beautifully for at least 20 years.

2008 Sally’s Paddock

We are delighted to announce the release of the 30th Vintage of Sally’s Paddock with the 2008 bottling. This lovely wine has a vivid deep ruby red colour with a tinge of Violet.  Fantastic legs. Lifted Cherry Liqueur aromas with some Cedar and Vanilla background lead to an overall character of ripe autumn berries and some subdued spice notes.   Slightly dusty with a little leafiness.   Soft, round and full palate, tasting of ripe berry fruit and lifted dark chocolate.  New wood flavours are totally integrated.   Fresh savoury middle palate with lingering complex wine flavours.  Very long soft finish with hints of cloves.   This wine is deceptively soft and easy to drink and will need some time to develop its latent power.  We have released it early because of the small 2007 Vintage.  Should keep well for up to 10 to 15 years.


2007 Sally’s Paddock

We are very pleased to announce the release of our 2007 Sally’s Paddock….the 29th in this line. Because of the extremely low crop in this difficult year, we have achieved a concentration of the most wonderful flavours in this elegant and powerful wine. Quantities are extremely limited. A delightfully spicy aromatic nose with lovely cherry fruit aromas in a background of new wood.   The full ripe characters of this hot year give a balance akin to the wines of Venezia with medium bodied softness and a dry finish. A beautiful, fully red wine colour, bright and not overly dense. A complex sweet middle palate and long but mild aftertaste.   Further tasting will reveal a very warm, soft, round and drinkable wine, with soft grainy tannins giving a dry lift at the finish.   Very attractive cherry flavours are evident with background notes of mint, cloves and a little liquorice.   The very nice oak is evident which marries well with the sweet spice and hint of amarone. Reminiscent of the notable 2003 vintage.  The aftertaste is soft, warm and delicious, and typically long. This will develop into a very powerful wine but the excellent balance keeps it very drinkable.

2006 Sally’s Paddock

A spicy aromatic nose with Attar of Roses and lovely berry fruit aromas in a background of new wood. The slight leafy, mown hay character comes from the Cabernet Sauvignon.  The lifted mildly herbaceous aroma is from the Cabernet Franc. Initially astringent showing cool climate leafy flavours with a mild complex middle palate and long but mild aftertaste.  Further tasting will reveal a very warm, soft, round and drinkable wine, with discernable tannins giving a dry lift at the finish. The aftertaste appears mild but is full of complex berry and wood flavours which will develop with time.Very subtle chocolate cherry flavours are evident with a good amount of reserved density and extract waiting to develop.  The oak is restrained as usual.  This wine is in desperate need of bottle age and will develop along the lines of the 2002.


2005 Sally’s Paddock

Dense colour, beautiful deep crimson tending to burgundy. The aromas are, as usual, very  complex. There is noticeable new wood with dense and slightly obscure berry/spice aromas. Some chocolate and cigar box. Wonderfully full and pleasant. The palate exhibits the same deceptively smooth, soft, even texture that is usual in Sally’s Paddock. Sweet fresh fruit is evident early leading to elusive Mocha and spice characters, so seamlessly interwoven and balanced it is hard to discriminate individual flavours. The Middle palate is long and full showing some vanilla/ new oak married to powerful, restrained berry fruit flavour. The finish is lifted and very long tasting leaving an impression of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. This wine has already come together as a complete and delicious tasting experience and should become even more delicious given some time to develop. Will keep at least fifteen years but should be a perfect drink after another 5 years.


2004 Sally’s Paddock

This wine has a beautiful garnet colour with tinges of purple. It has a restrained, and complex nose, with aromas of violets, cinnamon, cigar box, poppies, chocolate, mocha and vanilla beans.  The palate is beautifully balanced with intense and complex flavours of autumn berries, autumn fruits, spice in a melange of grape wine married to subtle new French and American oak.  It has a sensation of elegance and incipient sophistication in its youthful fruitfulness.  Typically soft tannins, combined with intense wild berry fruits and a hint of green almonds which give a long and seductive finish.

2003 Sally’s Paddock

The most difficult year since 1983. The 2003 Sally’s Paddock is a dark ruby colour, deep and mysterious. It exhibits smells of violets, roses other floral notes. With some vanilla, white pepper, leather, cigar box, and wild berry aromas. Complex and complicated. The wine has intense dark berry and black cherry flavours leading to a soft, rich, lifted middle palate. Powerful grape wine flavours on the back palate followed by a long lingering finish. Aftertaste of Autumn berries with a hint of Amarone. Integrated tannins and new oak characters all over. Cellaring: Medium to long term. Much like to 1983, which is still drinking well and full of interesting flavours.

2002 Sally’s Paddock

The 2002 Sally’s Paddock is a spectacular wine showing the intensifying effect of several years of drought conditions. Exhibiting the typical layers of flavours characteristic of this wine, it is deeper and more dense than most. It has an intense colour of deep Garnet with purple tinges. Aromas of crushed violets and rose petal predominate, with some clove and complex spice notes and a hint of black pepper married with new oak. The overall palate impression is of restrained power and depth. Initially tasting of marachino cherries and wild berry fruits the middle palate is a wonderful mix of layered grape flavours. The finish shows intense grape characteristics integrated with fine tannins and oak leaving an intriguing and slightly mysterious aftertaste of spicy berries. This wonderful wine is very reminiscent of the magnificent 1981 Sally’s Paddock, it should cellar well for many, many years.

2001 Sally’s Paddock

A lovely deep Garnet colour, with aromas of Violets, Morello cherries, Cloves and a hint of blackberries. Intense and delightful. Soft, balanced, silky and smooth on the palate showing mouth filling Autumn berry flavours. Medium body of similar weight to the 1991. Hints of Blackberries married with subtle new American and Nevers Oak makes a complete and delicious wine. A powerful lingering finish redolent with berry fruit flavours and soft tannins which lasts and lasts.

2000 Sally’s Paddock

Powerful looking wine that has delicious big berry flavours on the front and mid palate, with a full and lingering finish, combining finely integrated grape and oak tannins. The mouth is characteristically rich and silky. Better than the 97 & 99 and probably even challenging the magnificent 91 vintage.

1999 Sally’s Paddock

Medium deep crimson. Leafy/undergrowth redcurrant aromas with hints of violet. Deeply concentrated wine with leafy/undergrowth redcurrant flavours, grainy/grippy tannins, building up firm but with a long fruit-sweet finish.

1998 Sally’s Paddock

Deep crimson. Intense youthful chocolate/blackcurrant/menthol aromas with hints of cedar/spice. Youthful, blackcurrant pastille/cedar/violet flavours, fine well resolved tannins which build up firm and gravelly, lovely fruit-sweetness and flavour length.

1997 Sally’s Paddock

”This new release truly is an exciting wine” said Neill. It has a deep brooding garnet colour, a briary redcurrant and tobacco leaf nose, mainly from the Cabernet with the Shiraz adding dried spice like pepper, clove and cardamom. 

1996 Sally’s Paddock

The wine has an intense deep purple/red colour with a ripe aroma of tobacco leaf and cassis showing off the complex characters of the varieties in the blend. Black cherries and plums from the Cabernet Sauvignon, violets and tobacco leaf from the Cabernet Franc, with hints of spice from the Shiraz. The palate shows good fruit weight, with an intense depth of complex flavour showing the richness and quality of the fruit.

1995 Sally’s Paddock

This superb full bodied red wine shows all the great characteristics of the best Pyrenees reds. Dark ruby red colour, vibrant fresh aromas of wine made from a bunch of varieties, and rich complex fruit, showing depth of flavour, lovely mouth feel and long finish, all well supported with new American and Nevers oak. Possibly the best in its style since 1981, certainly a match for the highly regarded 1985. This big wine should keep for at least 20 years, well cellared and is the counterpoint style to the great, elegant 1991.

1994 Sally’s Paddock

A beautiful elegant fine wine. Classic Sally’s Paddock from a cooler year. Fine red/purple colour, not deep. Full complex berry aroma. Delightful wine, showing cool, complex, even flavours with excellent mouth feel, delightful elegant lingering finish and wonderful aftertaste. Subtle yet pervasive background flavour of new oak. Reminiscent of the 1980 in finesse, balance and style and may keep longer that would first appear.

1993 Sally’s Paddock

A good year, with a reduced crop due to rain during fruit set. Deep, full, red colour. Surprisingly intense nose, with a complex of delicate fruit aromas, slightly overpowered at the moment by spicy ripe plummy characters. Some cassis aromas, lifted by a subtle eucalyptus all integrated with a background of new oak. Warm hearty and soft on the palate. Typical Sally’s Paddock flavours with slightly softer acid/tannin balance than usual, although this will build a bit with development. Long taste profile of wine flavours, light finish but lingering. New American and Nevers Oak evident but not obtrusive. Very much a developmental wine.

1992 Sally’s Paddock

“Full dark red colour. Very intense vinous berry fruit aromas on the nose. Rich and full on the palate, with big fruit flavours and long finish. Typical Sally’s Paddock in a very good year.” Very like the 1982. Highly recommended.

1991 Sally’s Paddock

The thirteenth release – winemaker Neill Robb believes this to be the best since 1976. Restrained new wood character with excellent colour, flavour, finish, balance and mouth feel. Regarded as one of the flagships of Australian wines. Should cellar for at least ten years and perhaps more than twenty in a good cellar. A must if you are serious about cellaring high quality wines.

1990 Sally’s Paddock

Medium crimson. Restrained earth/violet/redcurrant/cassis aromas. Restrained earthy/redcurrant flavours, medium concentration, fine loose-knit tannins, finishing leafy and long.

1989 Sally’s Paddock

1989 was an ideal year with a classic ripening period. As a result we had a better crop than usual so this wine was notable for its fine flavours and elegance rather than intensity and power. With time this wine has become fully mature rather sooner than most Sally’s Paddocks and is delightful to have now. Can accompany almost any food and perfect for lunch, especially enjoyable for those who love fine old wine.